"We feel that the easiest way to create a great product is to make something that you'd want to use yourself. You know the problem and the value of the solution intimately."

- Citadel Nutrition, June 2012

Daniel Yeh

Daniel is responsible for strategy and overall leadership for the Citadel group of companies. He has been swimming competitively since the age of 7 at Swim Atlanta, Dynamo, and eventually Georgia Tech. Always pushing himself inside and outside the pool and seeking a performance edge, he became curious about the role supplements played and set out to educate himself. Along the way he stumbled onto an evidence based approach to supplementation. Eyes opened. What started as scratching his own itch and mixing supplements in bulk resulted in co-founding Citadel Nutrition.

In addition to starting Citadel Nutrition he is a founding partner at the CN Training Center, a training facility for top level athletes and powerlifters, Principal of Force Contracting, the real estate and construction division for the Citadel group, and co-founder of  FitGenie, an artificial intelligence solution to dieting and nutrition developed in conjunction with the Georgia Tech Venture Lab.

Earned a B.S. and M.S. from Georgia Tech. Go Jackets.

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