"We feel that the easiest way to create a great product is to make something that you'd want to use yourself. You know the problem and the value of the solution intimately."

- Citadel Nutrition, June 2012


Our story is about two things. The first is about going against the grain. Many of our earliest supporters will tell you we started out the gate doing things very differently. We focused on things like non-proprietary blends, providing third-party test results, and using the highest quality ingredients we could find.

We were driven by a desire to bring supplement products to the market with a fresh and straightforward approach.


On the left is a bottle from the first batch of Tier 1 ever made in 2012. The labels were too glossy, the scoop was too long, and the seal was difficult to get off. We didn't get all the details right, but we were adamant about one thing - making sure the ingredients and doses were clearly disclosed and in the proper amounts.

Fast forward - Tier 1 in its present form on the very right. More creatine and beta-alanine, a matte label that's nice and crisp, and the wrinkles ironed out. We believe that it is the best pre-workout on the market in its current form. But we realize there is always room to get better, and we'll never stop trying to improve our products.


On the left is when we moved into our first office in 2012. We've since expanded into a different space, but our heads down mentality will never change. Since the beginning we've been intimately involved in every single aspect of building this company. From logo design to label design, from manufacturing to shipping, and from answering emails to writing thank you letters, we'll always be relentless in getting the details right.

CN Training Center

As a special project we built a training center using the same approach we apply to creating our products. A focus on the essentials without unnecessary ingredients. It has become home to the Georgia Tech Barbell Club, the Georgia State Powerlifting team, nationally ranked powerlifters and athletes, and countless other organizations. Click here to visit CN Training Center.


We share every step of the process with our customers and supporters. From how we select our raw ingredients to how our labels are designed, we want to give our customers and inside look. In an industry full of smoke and mirrors, we want to give you peace of mind.

The second part of our story is our Customers.

It's no secret we eschew large scale marketing and instead take a hands on approach to making our customers happy. What you do clearly demonstrates what's important to you, and it's very clear what's important to us.

Thank You.

Executing on the basics isn't as glitzy as loading products with bells and whistles - and being great at a few things doesn't look that flashy from afar. But that's okay with us, because our goal is lasting solutions.

-Citadel Nutrition, April 2014

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