The Importance of Testing.

Giving customers a "reason to believe" is very important to us. Companies can make lots of claims about what their products contain, but at the end of the day, the industry isn't regulated by the FDA or any other governing body.

We believe it is a responsible practice to provide third-party test results for supplements to allow consumer to verify for themselves that the label information is accurate. It's not cheap to engage in third-party testing, but the peace of mind that you can have as a consumer is well worth it.


Here's an example of how widespread manufacturing quality control issues are within the realm of dietary supplements. We experienced this for ourselves, and it was part of the reason we had so much difficulty staying in stock during the earlier years.


Additionally, we were also tested by Labdoor, a third party certification venture specifically created to test supplements on the market and give consumers peace of mind.
Our ranking here: Labdoor Rankings

Third party test results for Tier 1:


Athlete Vitamin:

Fish Oil:


Total Omega-3 Content, EPA/DHA Verification, Heavy Metals and Mercury, and PCBs.

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