Tier 1 Value Proposition.

Tier 1 Value Proposition.

The first knee-jerk criticism of some people that are already making their own homemade mix is that they can mix the ingredients significantly cheaper in bulk. That's what we did personally for a long time, and that's what we still tell people to do if Tier 1 isn't right for them. 




Let's take a look at some figures.


Going to Amazon, which is usually a low price leader, searching for each of Tier 1's ingredients in bulk, and then taking the first option leads to this.




*as a side note, we discuss a little about Caffeine and how it doesn't cost anything to adjust in this blog post.


Okay so all things equal, 30 servings mixing your own bulk powder comes out to $15.26 


If you want the convenience of not having to weigh and mix 4 ingredients together every time you work out, it is $15 dollars more over 30 servings. This is approximately $8 per month or $0.50 per workout. If you think this is a value along with the peace of mind of a quality product that meets label claim, then we think Tier 1 is a great option. If you want to save some money and prefer to mix yourself, that's fine too. Value is a relative term. It's up to you if it's worth it or not.

As a side note, we take it as a compliment that people see our mix as something they could mix themselves. This is in stark contrast to all the B.S. 20+ micro-dosed proprietary blend ingredient products out there. 

Take a look at some of the labels out there.