An Inside Look Tier 1. Part 4. Label Design.

An Inside Look Tier 1. Part 4. Label Design.

With most of the manufacturing details worked out, we started working on the label design. Our vision for the label was to keep it as simple as possible.

The first thing you need when designing a label for a nutritional supplement is the template from the manufacturer so you know the exact dimensions you’re working with. Something that looks like this:


Once you have the label template in hand you then find a graphic designer. This is the part of the process you should consult with your lawyer about, since what you say (or don’t say) on your supplement label is a big deal to the FDA.
FDA Dietary Supplement Labeling Guide


With all the legal stuff squared away, it was time to select a designer. After much research we ended up going with these guys:



We told them that our overarching vision for the label was simple, clean, and practical. They asked us to provide examples of designs we liked so we got to work putting some collages together. Here’s a sampling of some of the stuff we sent them:



With some concepts in mind and an idea of what we were looking for, the Hansen team got to work. About two weeks later they sent the first set of design proofs over for our review:


We weren’t big fans of the first round designs and none of the concepts sang to us. The designs were not bold enough.

Back to the drawing board.

Out of the second round designs we liked “Concept G” the best. It didn’t have the most visual pop, but it contained a simplicity we liked. After more deliberation, we told Ron to move forward. With design concept in hand, Ron’s designers started putting together a more finished version of our label.

Here’s what the next round turned out:


We liked the next to last version best. After some minor tweaks: 


 We were done.



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