Fish Oil: Omega-3

Citadel Nutrition fish oil is provided in its natural triglyceride form. That means you’re getting a fish oil product the way nature intended, with advantages like better absorption and reduced oxidation.

You won't find a better value on the market when you factor in quality, testing, and the form we use.

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Fish Oil provides a host of benefits related to athletic performance and general health.

These include: 
  • Heart health
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Joint Health
  • Mood
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Citadel Nutrition Fish Oil


Fish oils are generally sold in two forms. Ethyl ester vs. triglyceride. The overwhelming majority sold are ethyl-esters. Both types show positive benefit, but we went the extra step to give you natural triglycerides.

In short, fish oil provided in natural TG form provides better absorption, reduced oxidation, and increased bioavailability. 


Check out our blog post which goes into greater detail on the difference between fish oil forms and the supporting research. 





Fish oil burps aren’t caused by the way the oils are packaged, the flavoring used, or if you refrigerate the product. They’re caused by poor quality oils. You won’t have to worry about that with us. Guaranteed.

The fish used in our oils are wild caught sardines and anchovies off the coast of Peru.






At Citadel Nutrition, we are always paying attention to the details. Some of the things we do to ensure a high quality product to you are are:

  • Our capsules are caramel coated to mitigate the effects of light on our fish oil. 
  • Opaque black HDPE bottles are further used to prevent light oxidation. 
  • Harvested from small bodied fish in pristine waters off the coast of Peru





    EPA/DHA Verification, Total Omega-3, Heavy Metals, and Total PCBs





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