Tier 1+: Pre-Workout

 A product that follows the same straightforward approach as Tier 1, but with a more kick. For those that need more caffeine than the classic version. 

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Tier 1+ follows the same straightforward approach as Tier 1. Non-proprietary blends, effective doses, and high quality ingredients.

The only difference between the two is that Tier 1+ contains 100mg more caffeine per serving, or the caffeine typically found in a cup of coffee.The issue was some of our customers were taking more than one scoop of Tier 1.

Tier 1+ solves that problem. 




On the surface, 100mg of caffeine per serving may not seem like a big difference, but providing the greatest benefit for you and your training is always a relentless pursuit here at Citadel Nutrition.


Tier 1+ takes a more in-depth approach to caffeine intake and  provides a solution to help you you dial in your training and supplementation with greater precision. 


Here are some relevant studies that you may find useful in determining if Tier 1+ and the additional caffeine is for you.


In summary (not adjusting for individual stimulant sensitivities and frequency of use) a good general guideline is to aim for 3-5mg of caffeine per kg of bodyweight. As always, we recommend caffeine be cycled in order to counteract tolerance and obtain maximum performance benefit. 




Other than the dose of caffeine, everything else you've come to love about Tier 1 is the same.
High quality ingredient sourcing, a focus on the essentials, effective doses of Creatine and Beta-alanine, and third-party certification.





Every batch of Tier 1+ is tested by an independent testing agency to verify label claims and ensure safety and effectiveness. One of our biggest challenges before starting Citadel Nutrition was trying to get test results from companies.

Others make bold claims about quality. We prove it so you can have peace of mind.





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