Week 33. Onward.

Week 33. Onward.

It’s been while since we provided an update so we wanted to let you guys/gals know what we’ve been up to.
First things first...



Getting Tier 1 re-manufactured has been a long process, but we’re getting closer to the finish line. We’ve approved the final taste sample and after we the labels get printed we’ll begin production.

We’re still on track to start shipping Tier 1 in March. The newly formulated mix will be equal parts performance supplement and energy boost. We really believe you guys will appreciate the approach we took and the convenience it offers. Continuous improvement is a must.

On a separate note, we are very sorry about the inconvenience this is causing many of you. Thank you for bearing with us. We feel your pain and are pushing as hard as we can to start shipping Tier 1 again.



We’re close to releasing our fish oil product. The devil is in the details and we spent many late nights researching, debating, and going back and forth on questions like:
  • Overall body of research on fish oil and Omega-3?
  • Differing opinions and results of scientific studies?
  • Who benefits most from fish oil? Is it for everybody? Athletes? General population?
  • The role of Omega-6 consumption in relation to Omega-3, etc.
  • What do experts think about fish oil? What do the people that don’t like it so much think and why?
  • EPA/DHA ratios? Other necessary/helpful ingredients? Vitamin E, etc.
  • Best form?
  • Dosing?
  • Encapsulation process? Bottling? How does it affect quality?
  • Fish source?
  • Distillation methods?
  • Purity and toxicity concerns? Fish oil burps?
  • Testing?


Our website is getting re-designed. We’re most excited about two things:
  1. A more seamless and convenient ordering process for our customers.
  2. A page dedicated to resources and articles to help people learn about supplements and nutrition.
If you guys have any suggestions for stuff you’d like to see or specific improvements please send us an email. We’d also like to use images of our loyal supporters and customers whenever possible so if you have any pictures of yourself wearing CN gear while hanging out or working out please send them our way and we’ll try to incorporate them into the site. [info@citadelnutrition.com]

*Note* All images are stock currently and they’re going to change.





Of all the products we’ve worked on, the multivitamin has been the most difficult. Challenges include endless options of micronutrients and vast amounts of literature and research to analyze. Our aim with this product is to be more than “cheap insurance.”

Interestingly, as we progress with our research, our approach with the multi-vitamin mirrors Tier 1 in many ways. Key nutrients. Superior forms. Effective doses. Stay tuned.

Thank you for your support.