Value Proposition. Athlete Vitamin.

Value Proposition. Athlete Vitamin.

At Citadel Nutrition one of our overarching goals is to provide high quality sports nutrition products with strong value for your dollar. The information below calculates the total bulk ingredient cost for all the vitamins and minerals in our Athlete Vitamin so you can perform a cost comparison.


Searching for the low-price leader for each of the vitamins/minerals used in the Athlete Vitamin, this is what we came up with. 


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All things equal and assuming a 30-day supply, the total cost to purchase all these vitamins and minerals separately would be $23.57. With the cost of our product and the convenience it offers, we feel that the Athlete Vitamin offers strong value in a properly formulated product.

CN Note - Vitamin K accounts for a large portion of the bulk ingredient total cost, especially at the dose used in our product. This is another reason why we feel the Athlete Vitamin provides strong value and convenience. In the calculations below we break out a 200mcg serving of MK-7 as well.


The detailed calculations: