Week 5. Getting Moved In.

Week 5. Getting Moved In.

The past two weeks have been a blur. After a relentless search we've moved into our new space. One of the reasons many businesses fail is due to excessive overhead, so we tried to keep it as simple as possible. A place to put desks and chairs; conditioned storage; bathroom; let’s roll. A lot of companies get the posh office space in the heart of the city right off the bat only to close down months later due to the unanticipated costs that rack up. That wasn't going to be us.


John and I both come from the corporate world where everything is neatly laid out for you and you never think about things like who takes out the trash, who makes the coffee, or who stocks the paper clips. Those things just magically happen.

Well, not anymore.

We do all those things. And it feels really damn good. Putting in work to help grow a business and build a solid foundation is extremely rewarding. I know many of the guys reading this can relate and getting our own space was/is a big deal for us. As you can see from the pic above we aren’t scared to get our hands a little dirty.

One of the funnier moments was having to go to Wal-Mart umpteen times to get supplies and equipment to stock the space. You have to realize this is clearly not our forte. So, we make a list and go get everything from a coffee maker to trash bags. Come back. Realize that we don’t have coffee filters and plastic spoons. Go back. Come back. Realize we don’t have a can opener to open food in order to use plastic silverware. <bangs head against table>


What space that has anything to do with nutrition is complete without the AARR? We recently got Girth Control and we’re still making our way through it – and so far it’s typical great stuff from the slayer of all things B.S. Alan Aragon.



Sharing the spotlight with Pop-Tarts, we have one of my personal favorites – the Cinnamon Roll cake. Low Carb Corey approved? Okay, seriously. Something I remember reading in Rework was that



We aspire to be a great company one day, but we can definitely relate to the starting in the garage mentality. From two years ago to this very day, we've been involved in every little aspect of building this company. From logo design to label design, from manufacturing to shipping, and recently from answering emails to writing thank you’s. Much of it was done while we still had our day jobs. In fact, John just quit his job like two weeks ago and is now working full time on CN.

That’s part of the reason why we’re so stoked to have our own space, as humble as it is, because it feels like the culmination of a whole lot of work (remind us that we only have one product). Now it’s time to get to work. Onward.

Thank you for your support.